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Mural Project – Call for Artists



Projects undertaken by artists should further the purpose and goals of the Two Rivers Company (TRC).  The TRC Safe, Clean, and Green Committee will determine the appropriate recruitment strategy to establish a pool of artists for each project based on standard methods.

The TRC Safe, Clean, and Green Committee will apply the following criteria when selecting artists:

  1. Artistic Merit ‐The inherent quality and excellence of a proposed artwork together with the strength of the artist’s concept and design capabilities, are the highest priorities.
  2. Context ‐ The subject matter may be whimsical, or build civic pride, and/or foster gathering in downtown. Artwork should be unique to Clarksville and encourage interaction with the viewer including photographs where the viewer places himself or herself within the mural. When serving a functional purpose, artworks may establish focal points; modify, enhance, or define specific spaces; establish identity or address specific issues of civic design. Consideration should also be given to the architectural, historical, geographical and social/cultural context of the site or community, as well as the way people may interact with the artwork.
  3. Relevant Experience ‐ Experience and professional record of the artist(s) should provide convincing evidence of ability to successfully complete the project as proposed.
  4. Budget ‐ The artist’s proposal should provide a budget adequate to cover all costs for the design, fabrication, and installation of the proposed artwork. Artists should have a history of completing projects within budget.
  5. Diversity ‐ Artwork will be sought from artists of diverse ethnic and cultural identities and from local, regional, and artists. The TRC Safe, Clean, and Green Committee will encourage applications from artists working in both established and experimental art forms.
  6. Project Schedule – Schedule should be able to meet the provided time line.
  7. The TRC Safe Clean, and Green Committee may reject all submissions if none are considered satisfactory and a new pool of artists may be established


                  Example #1                                                               Example #2



The TRC Safe, Clean, and Green Committee has identified two business locations for mural placement based on visibility and building owner approval.

  1. Bust Out Bonding located at the corner of Second Street and Franklin Street on the wall facing Second Street.

Site #1


  1. Madison Business Circle the west side facing the Post Office.

Site #2



  1. Two Rivers Council is providing funding for the murals.
  2. A draw of up to $1000 may be part of the artists proposal. This draw should be for art materials and equipment for painting the mural.  Draw must be applied for one full week prior to the date that the artist needs to receive the draw.  Contact to apply for the draw.
  3. Total bid may not exceed $3500.
  4. TRC will disperse the payment to the artist according the policies of TRC.



  1. Artwork should be sealed by artist to ensure longevity.
  2. The artist will have the opportunity to comment on, and participate in, all repairs and restorations that are made during his/her lifetime.


  1. Submission deadline is by 4:00PM on October 13, 2017.  Late submissions will not be accepted.
  2. Mail submissions to:

Kay Drew c/o Clarksville Academy

710 N. Second Street

Clarksville, TN 37040

or email to

  1. Submission must include the following:
  2. Desired mural location (please see Placement of Artwork section)
  3. First and Last Name
  4. Age
  5. Mailing address to include city, state, and zip code
  6. Email address
  7. Contact telephone number
  8. Artist resume (experience and professional record of the artist)
  9. Photos of previous work
  10. Pictures or drawings of submission mural design
  11. Written description of mural design

Note:  Submission materials will not be returned