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CBID Property Transfers From 07/01/2016 to 07/31/2019

Detailed Spreadsheet

CBID Permits 2018-2019

Detailed Spreadsheet

TRC Activities in Progress

  • Coordinating the development of a comprehensive program to reconstruct/preserve several public murals/vintage/historic/ghost ads in the downtown.
  • Exploring the possibility of creating a downtown Clarksville Main Street program.
  • Hodgson Douglas is developing conceptual plans and package incentives for development opportunities on key redevelopment sites.

TRC Achievements


  • Assisted in the site location and execution of a music video for Francesca Battistelli’s “The Breakup Song” which was filmed in part in Downtown Clarksville
  • Assisted several businesses and residents within the District to resolve various issues
  • Contracted with EOA Architects to develop a plan to ease the development process for owners of historic buildings
  • Contracted with Verta Development and Phil Ryan to create a bid package for the Third & Main Project
  • Held a sculpture naming contest for the spherical sculpture that is located at Downtown Commons
  • Notified that the District is included in the new Federal Opportunity Zones Program
  • Opened Downtown Commons
  • Produced the Downtown @ Sundown Concert Series
  • Sponsored Frolic on Franklin
  • Sponsored Spirit Fest
  • Sponsored various free events at Downtown Commons
  • Unveiled the Starry Night Clarksville mural which is located at 420 Madison Street


  • Approved one Rent/Lease Assistance Incentive for one new business.
  • Approved two Façade/Building Improvement Assistance Incentive for two new businesses.
  • Began the management of Downtown Commons.
  • Commissioned the Clarksville Starry Night Mural located at on a building owned by C. David Elliott and Phyllis Hunt which is located at 420 Madison Street.
  • Executed the first ever Downtown Seasonal Ice Skating Rink.
  • Hired Norman Quirion as Two Rivers Company Executive Director.
  • Launched Partners in Progress to fund Two Rivers Company Efforts.
  • RPM Transportation Consultants, LLC is preparing conceptual plans, in conjunction with APSU, to focus on stronger and safer pedestrian connections from the university in to downtown.


  • Contributed $10,000 towards a public art statue of Clarksville native and actor Frank Sutton.
  • Approved one Rent/Lease Assistance Incentive Program for one new business.
  • Approve two Façade/Building Improvement Assistance Incentive for two new businesses.
  • Published notecards based on work from local artist Billy Renkl’s custom-designed dow
    Frank Sutton Statue
    ntown banners to be sold in various locations.


  • Issued an Option Agreement to Montgomery County to purchase the former Bank of America site in downtown Clarksville for the development of a downtown public civic plaza.
  • Approved three Façade and Exterior Improvement incentives for three new businesses.
  • Developed a Rent/Lease Assistance Incentive Program for New Businesses. This incentive program will facilitate the establishment of new small businesses in downtown Clarksville and is intended to reduce the number of vacant, street level commercial properties.
  • Worked with the Regional Planning Commission and City to create a Common Design Review Board.
  • Purchased benches, trash can and planters for the District.
  • Selected local artist Billy Renkl to design banners, which were printed for installation downtown.

-downtown lamp copy

  • Developed a Façade and Exterior Improvement Program. This incentive program will assist tenants and property owners to preserve and enhance existing buildings in downtown.
  • Completed public customer surveys on downtown retail, dining, and housing.
  • Entered into an Option Agreement to purchase the former Bank of America site for consideration as a downtown civic plaza.
  • Upland Trail Pedestrian Connections – prepared conceptual and construction design documents for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Franklin Street/Spring Street/Upland Trail pedestrian connections.



 FY 2016-17 Strategic Plan