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Downtown Clarksville is on the upswing. Here’s how local leaders plan to keep that momentum going

Jennifer Babich, Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle Published July 7, 2019

Looking down Franklin Street with a lit Roxy sign at Historic Downtown in Clarksville, Tenn., on Tuesday, July 2, 2019.  (Photo: Henry Taylor/The Leaf-Chronicle)

It’s the dream of many communities across America: a vibrant historic downtown filled with shops, restaurants, entertainment and plenty of people.

Local leaders believe it’s a dream within reach for Clarksville, which has been enjoying an upswing of its downtown area in recent years.

Everything from the success of the Downtown Commons, to the new businesses taking root along Strawberry Alley, to the growing number of local shops popping up on Franklin Street all point to a resurgence of Clarksville’s city center. Click Link to Read More